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The Three Mercenaries - Incomplete by ToxicSnakeSkull The Three Mercenaries - Incomplete by ToxicSnakeSkull
Although I'm new, I eventually hope to have a wide range of artworks on DeviantArt (both stuff i've been working on before I joined, and new stuff). One such example of new stuff, is a series of comics i'm planning to create. Here we have what will be the title page of these comics. As you may guess, it's a spoof on the classic slapstick act; 'The Three Stooges', and combines three of my greatest loves; DC, Marvel, and Bioware.

Representing Bioware and filling the role of Moe: Urdnot Wrex
Representing DC and filling the role of Larry: Lobo
Representing Marvel and filling the role of Curly: Deadpool

And as an extra joke; the Columbia Statue that's usually used in the 3 Stooges title sequence is Elizabeth of BioShock:Infinite fame (as the game is set in a place called Columbia). Ridiculous joke I know, but couldn't resist. The gags in the comics will be more clever and funnier than that, I swear.

I still have a few special effects to add to complete the look, and as that involves turning the whole piece Black + White, just thought i'd keep the coloured base part in the scraps as a teaser. Hope to have the final version up soon.

Created with Pens and Pro Markers

Urdnot Wrex belongs to Bioware
Lobo belongs to DC comics
Deadpool belongs to Marvel
Elizabeth and Bioshock:Infinite belongs to Irrantional Games
Three Stooges belongs to Columbia Pictures
LovgrenO Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
Awesome idea. It could get absolutely hilarious.
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June 25, 2013
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